For us the essentials are:

  • prompt and good customer support;
  • the best service and loyalty to our clients;
  • most popular products.
Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music

about us

For already 18 years we have been one of the most respected and influential companies on the musical market of Russia. Our Company specializes in distribution of musical instruments and equipment. The share of FOCUS PRO holding Company and retail network in Russian musical equipment market is now evaluated on the order of 8%. FOCUS PROFESSIONAL company representations offices of the are located in the biggest cities of Russia – Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg from where the retail network and our distributed product sales management is conducted over the whole territory of Russia through more than 100 official dealers whom we signed long-term contracts with. We manage our own eight retail shops and two specially equipped warehouses in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg having special facilities for unloading containers and large-size cargo.


Audient was founded in 1997 by David Dearden and Gareth Davies, previously of Soundcraft.
Audient develops exciting and innovative products for the audio recording market

Baton Rouge

The brand Baton Rouge guitars stands for unusual and exceptional guitars and ukes at a fair price. Baton Rouge guitars is for musicians, who are looking for an ambitious instrument with a good sound and a modern design. Thanks to wide model range, everyone can find what they are looking for – beginners or artists, discreet or crazy. 


LaMancha - является аналогом гитар Baton Rouge, но только с нейлоновыми струнами. Гитары имеют великолепный дизайн, очень близки к испанским классикам  и имеет ценник, который позволяет эти гитары не только хранить в футляре, но и доверять детям.  Кстати, в дополнение к этому, на все инструменты устанавливаются французские струны Savarez, которые считаются неоспоримым лидером в своей сфере. <br>


“It all started with a classical guitar”, says Shiro Arai, Chairman and the founder of Aria Guitars.
Aria has been at the forefront of guitar and Japanese guitar building excellence for 60 years, which means a wealth of experience and acquired expertise. The core value remains the same today, to constantly strive to achieve a higher level of excellence, quality and value for musicians. Guitars are produced in China, Indonesia and Spain.


G7th capo company - this is a team of professionals from the city of Peterborough, north of London, who the best capo on the market! Now in Russia you can become part of the G7th family and purchase your best capo!


Rohema has been manufacturing music instruments since 1888 and today the product range includes also a wide assortment of mallets and percussion instruments.


Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are wonderful and unique instruments that have already brought the joy of music to hundreds of thousands people.


Italian Stage is the new budget brand for sound systems products, has been created out of the vast experience that Proel has in this field. The use of the most advanced Research and Development processes, normally reserved for much higher end products, efficient and strictly controlled quality assurance, as well as a proven track record in ODM projects are just some of the elements characterizing the “budget/quality” mission of Italian Stage.


The TAMBURO brand was born in 1984. The idea belongs to Tullio Granatello, one of the most talented drummers on the Italian music scene. Granatello mainly focuses on customising his products, rather than using parts from other brands: a wise decision that is much appreciated by musicians. In 1997, TAMBURO makes a decisive move: to become a part of Proel.


Your music stands
Company ATHLETIC is one of the head leaders in music instruments stands production in the world. Athletic products are well known by the customers on four continents, in thirty six countries, where constant and dynamic export forces on satisfying client needs in profesional articles for a reasonable price. All stands are made in Europe. (Poland)


Fiesta guitars are great value student guitars. Produced by Aria guitars with maintaining a high quality standards. Ideal for beginners or anyone starting to play the guitars.



FORCE – is our own, registered trademark. Under FORCE brand our company imports more than 700 items of different equipment: acoustic speakers, PA, amplifiers and different types of accessories: cables, stands, connectors, bags, guitars picks and etc. All electronic products has valid certificates. We are working with 3 biggest Chinese factories to provide best quality and very attractive price.


GHS Strings is a Battle Creek, Michigan based guitar and bass guitar string manufacturer. The company was founded in 1964, and in 1975 was bought by Robert McFee, who is the Chairman of the Board with son, Russ McFee, as President. The name GHS comes from the surnames of the company's founders — Gould, Holcomb and Solko..


Pearl Musical Instrument Company simply known as Pearl, is a multinational corporation based in Japan with a wide range of products, predominantly drums/percussion instruments. earl was founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa -who began manufacturing music stands in Sumida, Tokyo- on April 2, 1946 Today, Pearl's Taiwanese operation encompasses five factories whose output supplies nearly the entire worldwide market for Pearl products.


Pignose Guitars are another unique product from Aria & Co., Inc.  All models feature a built in amp and the unique metal Pignose volume control (push-pull on/off switch). All you do is just pull on the Pignose switch for that famous Pignose sound straight out of the guitar.


As Schecter Guitar Research moves into its 40th year of business, it has solidified its elite status as one of the world’s premier guitar companies, offering electric guitars and basses and USA Custom Shop instruments to musicians around the world in more than 150 countries.One of the company's strongest assets is its growing roster of high-profile artists, including Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, The Cure, Papa Roach, Seether, Prince, Stone Temple Pilots, Nevermore and Black Label Society.


Founded in 2000 by Siwei Zou, sE Electronics has rapidly grown into internationally-respected manufacturer managed by a group of dedicated, creative individuals spread out across the globe, spanning four cities on three continents.  In the company's infancy, all sE microphones were produced by the same large-scale manufacturing facilities that still produce mics for dozens of brands known around the world.


Stagg, accesible musical instruments since 1995. Stagg is a brand dedicated to providing exceptional, affordable & reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of aspiring musicians. Established in Belgium, Stagg gets you playing. STAGG has been the EMD Music Group's proprietary brand since 1995.
Product range: Guitars & Basses, Ukuleles, Banjos & Mandolins, Cymbals & Percussion, Band & Orchestra, Pro Audio, Accessories, Pro Lighting


Kali Audio was started in January 2018 by some of the Professional Audio Industry’s most passionate
individuals. With engineering at the forefront, Kali aims to make loudspeakers and related products that
present the best possible value to our customers. By devoting time and resources to research and
development, and with a little bit of panache, we offer high-performance products that fit any budget.

Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music


Pop-music (group of companies) are:

More than
brands in our portfolio
years on Russian Market
billion $ turnover for 2017
retail stores over Russia
Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music

Why you should choose us?

We are key players on the Russian market during last 16 years, so we can say that we know the market very well! By the way we are really nice guys :)
Our retail chain contains 8 shops in 4 big Russian cities.
Our YOUTUBE channel is TOP-10 musical/demonstration/educational channels all over the world. The number of subscribers now is more than 150 000!! We know how to show YOUR product to Russian users.
Social network activity is one of our key advantages: our community at (Russian analog of FACEBOOK) have more than 60 000 subscribers with constant feedback.
We’re successfully working with more than 150 music shops over Russia. They are our dealer chain!
In our business we don’t use bank credits. This is a guarantee of stable work at our difficult market
Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music

How to start working with us?

First of all, please don’t sell your products on AliExpress (Alibaba) and on Ebay, this is way to THE HELL!
It's easy to start working with us: just send your presentation (link to web-page) and export pricelist.
Much appreciated and useful option: if you can send us some samples of your products free of charge – we can shoot a video presentation and show it on our YOUTUBE channel. It will be a great advertisement, if we are not cooperating in the future!
Please don’t push us by targets or any other purchase plans. It’s Russia here, not USA or Europe. It’s a bit complicated to do business here! ?
We will contact and bother you if puzzle of below pieces: Price, Relevance of your product, our plans and political situation in the world will be assembled!
Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music


We are a young company specializing on distribution of popular musical instruments and equipment in the market of Russia. We own and manage the biggest internet store of musical instruments POP-MUSIC.RU and musical retail stores in Russia. We propose beneficial cooperation conditions for our partners based on individual approach as well as products of the best kind. Business activities – wholesales, retails, sound and light equipment installation services.

Please contact us:
Address: 123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevskiy proezd, buld.7, str.15
Phone: +7 985 400 55 02
Skype: sergy.pop-music

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