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Helpful information

Brand products represented on this website may be purchased or ordered in any region of Russia from authorized dealers of FOCUSPRO Company.

Attention! FOCUSPRO Company is not responsible for the validity of information regarding addresses, phone numbers and dealers shop names published in this list. The information has been provided by the Company dealers and published as a free service.
We also are not responsible for product availability in stock, pricing, quality of service and any other possible indicators of service performance.


If you are not yet our dealer, but willing to start cooperating with us, you need to fill out a registering form or send a free form request to dealer department of FOCUSPRO Company at the address:

Our staff will contact you in the nearest time and answer all questions you are interested in. The cooperation in more details can also be discussed over the phone: (495)995-29-28

We work only with legal entities and other entrepreneurs. An agreement, for which you need to provide a number of documents, is concluded as a requirement.

If you are private individual, you may buy the products at our retail shops. Reasonable discounts are available.

The minimal sale on dealers price is 15000 rubles.


You can place your order 24 hours a day:

  • At our dealer website reflecting the real-time information as to products available in-stock (preferably, the access may be obtained by request to your manager)
  • Through the email by submitting an application to address or to the manager personal address.

If the necessary product is available in catalogue of our dealer website, please, pay attention to the product availability information when placing your order. Remember, that shipment conditions are dependable on which stock the product is maintained in. Here below it is described in more details

Placement of orders on products being shipped (in transit) is made by manager who received your order. The manger will contact you and give the details regarding payment terms and delivery time for the ordered products.

Generally we do not sell the preserved product, but in some occasions we might withdraw the product from the reserve and your manager could probably offer this product to you.

Products having status pending shipment are regularly received in stock, but the exact delivery date you may confirm with any our manager or ICQ-adviser.

It should be noted, that some product types are delivered on a long-term order basis.

Our full catalogue consists of 12,000 product items, so you may occasionally notice some inaccurate information or mistakes therein, but it is unlikely to happen. We are consistently undertaking our best efforts to cope with such nuisance and hope that it will not bring you any inconvenience. The product availability information is updated every hour, so you may be sure you are looking into accurate and reliable details.


Orders are processed in the normal business hours according to the Company working schedule. Once your order is received, you will be contacted by our manager who will inform you about the details of the order and its placement and will discuss with you the payment and delivery terms and conditions. Then the order placement is performed. By this process the ordered product(s) is reserved for a period up to 5 days.


There is a 30% discount of the recommended retail price on every brand product we distribute for the wholesale customers having concluded agreement with our Company. Along with our own brands, through our Company you have the ability to purchase products from other suppliers with average discount of 20% (certainly there are exceptions, the more expensive is the product the lower is a sales interest as well as the discount)

Prices are available at our dealer website or you can subscribe through our manager for everyday distribution of our price list with the products remaining in-stock.


Payments are to be made in rubles only, either way in cash or by the bank transfer.

If we arrange for the delivery without advance payment, you pay for the product(s) upon delivery in cash to the carrier.


Our Company provides services on delivery of fully prepaid product to Moscow warehouses of shipping companies (carriers) which perform fright shipment to customers. Equipment may be shipped by railroad or vehicle transport, by plane, mail services or private carrier at the customers option (shipping and handling costs are payable by the customer)

After dispatching of the fright, the product property rights are transferred to the fright receiver and the dispatching company is no longer responsible for the fright condition.

Any claims concerning appearance, physical damage of the package and/or the product, quantity and quality of the delivered equipment are taken in written form only (by e-mail or fax) within 2 days after the equipment has been received by the customer.

Our Company performs thorough inspection of products before they are transferred to shipping company for delivery to the customer. Unfortunately, the seller cannot control the delivery process and compliance with all the transportation and storage requirements. To avoid any disputes, we kindly advice you to follow the product reception order according to which you should make a thorough checking of product appearance and package condition prior to signing the delivery documents.

You must indicate in the claim the total number of received items, especially assemblies, package integrity condition and presence of package opening marks. Provide the contents of each assembly. Make every effort to settle as many concerns as possible with the carrier in place.
Check all the main parameters of goods to be received (weight, number of items etc.). A packing list can be submitted by warehouse upon your request, as necessary.

When shipping fragile products (guitars, mirrored disco balls, bulbs etc.) by transportation companies (carriers) from warehouses in Moscow to your storage locations, product physical damage might occur. We would recommend you to inform your manager about your consent on ordering and payment for additional packing measures to be applied to one or another equipment at the carrier company. In the absence of your consent on additional packing, all claims related to physical damages of the equipment will not be considered.

Product transportation may be insured on behalf of the buyer for the total cost of shipment.


Product release from the warehouse in Moscow, whatever way the payment is made in cash or by bank transfer, is done when you present a letter of attorney or the stamp. The buyer receives the ordered product along with the following:

  • way-bill;
  • invoice;
  • list of certificates of conformity.

If the payment for the product is made in cash, additionally the buyer is given a cash receipt cashiers check.

Release time


Goods located at the Company central warehouse in Moscow (warehouse No.1) at the address of the Company office (3-d building, house No.6, 5-th Magistralnaya str., Moscow, Russia), can be released at any moment. When these goods are paid for by cash, they are released immediately.

Delivery to regions:

Each transportation company has its own requirements and rules for writing out way-bills and packages, so in average, an application for freight release and dispatching is required to be made within 2-3 days and shall indicate full details of the customer, quantity and name of the packages. Therefore, we are unable to dispatch the fright on the same day the money has been received. You should also note, that transportation companies make shipment of goods not every day, but as far as required number of orders is collected.

In average, orders are shipped through 5-7 business days after the money has been applied to our bank account.


To learn the detailed information about product servicing you may refer to the corresponding section

We are thankful to you for the interest you reflected with regard to our Company activities and look forward to long-term cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

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